Brook Lodge

Brook Lodge

Upjohn Hall at Brook Lodge

New owner plans to renovate and preserve regional showplace, Brook Lodge, to feature community services.

Dear friends and neighbors of Brook Lodge – The Foundation for Behavioral Resources, a management company for area preschools and public elementary charter schools, has recently purchased Brook Lodge in the Augusta, Michigan area.

Most of you remember Brook Lodge as the corporate conference center for the Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company.  When Upjohn merged with Pharmacia and then with Pfizer Corporation, Brook Lodge was given to Michigan State University.  MSU in turn sold the property some years later to a company intending to repurpose Brook Lodge to be the headquarters for a marijuana/CBD production facility.  When these “pipe dreams” evaporated, the Foundation purchased the property.

Brook Lodge has suffered as an orphan cast off by less caring and less focused step parents for too many years.  This traumatic history has resulted in all of the damages of omission and commission one can imagine.

The Foundation for Behavioral Resources, a 501 (c) 3, not for profit organization, was established in 1972, and has been headquartered locally in Augusta, Michigan now for almost 50 years.  We are dedicated to providing educational, scientific, and charitable services to our community.  Our efforts include preschool education and employment assistance.  We hope to rebuild and re-establish Brook Lodge as a community asset fostering public education and other public services.

First, it is required that we focus on repairing what is broken and neglected.  If you or your family would like to help, there are many ways to support our efforts.  We have developed an application/questionnaire describing how you might work with us.